Here you will get 360° idea of SuJok & Onnuri Sciences introduced by Korean scientist and Philosopher Prof. Park, Jae Woo.

On the day of his 1st Anniversary of his Great Smile Voyage from This World, we, float this new website in the Smile Memories of our Beloved and Most Honored Prof. Park.

O my dear professor, you know very well, what ever I do for SuJok, it leads us towards Your Dream. It is only You who guided me and pushed me saying,

“You are on the Right Path, go ahead, I am with you.” And “When you will be successful towards any institutional education of SuJok Therapy, if need be, I shall come and live with you.”

Based on your guarantee, dear professor, we could achieve the milestone. This entire program is dedicated to you. As per your guarantee, I can feel your presence whenever I perform SuJok, whether it is Diagnostics, Treatment or Training.

On behalf of my entire TEAM, I extend my homage to you for your delightful journey AHEAD.

Himanshu Mody - Founder of Sujok Gujarat

Himanshu Mody - Founder of Sujok Gujarat

During his journey through Para-medical profession, he was in constant search of such a promising method using which we can treat any types of ailments of human body without any type of drugs.

Mr. Himanshu Mody graduated from Saurashtra University , Rajkot with Botany Subject in 1983. He was a Gold Medal Achiever. Stood 1st in Botany Subject, Stood 3rd at university level amongst all faculties and was 1st at college level too.

After entering the world of SuJok in December 1995, he experimented on himself and experienced the excellent and fast and accurate results of SuJok Therapy. Thereafter, he never looked back, his journey in SuJok world was and is constantly developing. He acquired training of each and every levels of SuJok & Onnuri Medicine directly from the originator of this system, Prof. Park, Jae Woo.

Considering the performance of Mr. Himanshu, Prof. Park, on recommendations of Dr. Sankar T.S.R. Mohanselvan, Chennai, honoured him providing recognition of “Lecturer – SuJok Therapy” during December 1998.

In December 2000, Prof. Park visited his centre at Jamnagar and conducted a Seminar there. Thus, he became Member: Organizing Committee.

During December 2002, Prof. Park honoured him with one more recognition as “Representative for Gujarat State – India” and extended an Affiliation between International SuJok Therapy Association, Korea and Mr. Himanshu Mody. Here, Guru Park awards him as "Master of SuJok & Onnuri" but he himself still feel himself an humble student realizing that there's a lot to learn.

Mr. Mody is also authorized to translate original books of SuJok authored by Prof. Park into Gujarati language. With this responsibility of translation given by Prof. Park, he has translated & published First book during December 2000 and till today, 3 editions are already published. One more book, SuJok Seed Therapy is also published (July 2004) in Gujarati Language and many other books are to come.
He has developed skill of "To The Point Diagnostics in SuJok Therapy" which give him extra identity amongst people who suffer from several ailments and find NO SOLUTION! This ability put him and maintain him on the TOP in Gujarat. He treats with confidence based on the knowledge of these sciences and dare to offer Money-back Guarantee in the health sector!
To turn Prof. Park's dream of "One Therapist in Each Family", Mr. Mody dedicatedly worked hard and travelled almost all the areas of Gujarat and also Mumbai, Chennai and one overseas destination "Oman-Muscat".
Mr. Mody could do this with the help of several good hands all around. Mainly, Mr. Nishith Pattani, Mr. Nilesh Trivedi and Miss Roma Pandya. Since last 11 years, Miss Roma is associated with Mr. Mody and looks after in-office management including patient's care.

Mr. Himanshu Mody is keen enough to establish network of Authorized SuJok Centers to provide
Official Services of Original SuJok Therapy to
the people by Official and Well Trained professionals.

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