Here you will get 360° idea of SuJok & Onnuri Sciences introduced by Korean scientist and Philosopher Prof. Park, Jae Woo.

On the day of his 1st Anniversary of his Great Smile Voyage from This World, we, float this new website in the Smile Memories of our Beloved and Most Honored Prof. Park.

O my dear professor, you know very well, what ever I do for SuJok, it leads us towards Your Dream. It is only You who guided me and pushed me saying,

“You are on the Right Path, go ahead, I am with you.” And “When you will be successful towards any institutional education of SuJok Therapy, if need be, I shall come and live with you.”

Based on your guarantee, dear professor, we could achieve the milestone. This entire program is dedicated to you. As per your guarantee, I can feel your presence whenever I perform SuJok, whether it is Diagnostics, Treatment or Training.

On behalf of my entire TEAM, I extend my homage to you for your delightful journey AHEAD.

Our Mission - Sujok Therapy Gujarat Center


     1. Offer The Best Health Options based on SuJok Therapy & Onnuri Sciences.

     2. Give Long Lasting Self Help Health Solutions. 

     3. Offer Better Career Opportunity in Health Sector. 

     4. Create Healthy Society that Lead Our Nation Develop in True Sense. 

     5. To Educate People about SuJok Therapy for their Healthy Future.

     6. To avail Official Master Level Training.

     7. Offer Treatment & Training of Original and Official SuJok Therapy to the People.

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